St. Louis’s Original Buy Here/Pay Here!

Family Owned And Operated Since 1980!


  • O-K Used Cars is family owned & operated since 1980. We are the original Buy Here/Pay Here Dealer in St. Louis.
  • All vehicles are safety and emissions tested and passed prior to being sold.  Most used car dealers don’t run emissions tests – WE DO! You won’t have to take the car somewhere and hope it passes emissions, only to find that it doesn’t, and waste time taking it back to the dealer for repairs, and having it tested again and again until it passes.
  • All vehicles are sold with a standard 60 day/2000 mile limited warranty.  We offer an extended limited warranty which increases the standard warranty to 8 months/8000 miles. Our extended warranty can be purchased for $400 at any time within the first 60 days of purchase.
  • Total sale price and total down payments are displayed on the windshield of every car offered for sale.  (This means you will never question in your mind whether or not the salesperson is giving you a different price based on your appearance or car knowledge.)
  • We never add a doc fee or any other extra charges moments before you sign your contracts.
  • Our salespeople are not  commission based.  (They make no extra money for selling a lot of cars.) You will not experience obnoxious sales people following you around, trying to get you to purchase a vehicle.
  • We allow test drives for up to 20 minutes. We encourage you (upon request) to take the vehicle to your mechanic for a second “vehicle inspection”.  We hope that a second inspection will raise your comfort level. 
  • We service what we sell. We perform safety and emissions testing at our full service repair center, and it is always available to our customers.  O-K Auto Parts is located at 1375 S Kingshighway  St. Louis Mo, 63110. Please call ahead 314-652-1144 
  • We have a “Layaway Plan”. We will hold a vehicle in layaway for a short time in some situations to ensure you get the vehicle you like.
  •  Insurance quotes available on the spot at reasonable prices.
  • You can trade your car in and “upgrade” without the car being paid off. (You will probably need some cash to go with your trade.)
  • If your car gets impounded in a tow yard, call us ASAP.  We’ll pay the fee, get it out and store it for no charge for up to two weeks.  We’ll release the car to you when you reimburse us the fees we paid on your behalf.